About Us


Silver Black Unique Kultre Flame less electric rechargable lighter


Unique Kulture black family owned brand, founded by Ernie McRae. Art has been a passion of Ernie’s since childhood, and with Unique Kulture, he’s bringing his artwork to life. By featuring his work on clothing and apparel, he provides customers with the opportunity to experience his creations on a personal level. Ernie uses his eye for trends and creativity to curate a line of exclusive products for all lovers of urban fashion. Additionally, customers should keep an eye out for hot new items in tech and beauty that will be making their way to the brand.


Wanting to support the artistic community, Unique Kulture offers artists the chance to show off their work and style. They’re able to  submit pieces to be voted on, granting the winner the opportunity to feature their work on apparel.


With a focus on creativity and individuality, Unique Kulture promises to make waves in both the fashion and artistic communities.